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Dogs and Puppies

posted by PV SPCA

Fostered in Vancouver, Dixie is one lovable happy girl.  She is an American Staffordshire/Terrier mix, just about two years old and almost 42 pounds.  

posted by PV SPCA

Who can resist the soulful eyes and droopy ears of this Basset Hound mix?!?!  Daisy is around 6 years old and weighs 44 pounds.  Daisy is a social gal who enjoys the company of other dogs.  Her low/medium energy level doesn’t always allow her to keep up with the big boys when out running, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  Her preference is to get cuddles, ear rubs and plenty of loving from her human companions.

posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Rocco is quite the character. This older gentleman has tons of spunk left! Rocco enjoys hiking and exploring the trails of Victoria. His favourite past time is playing fetch. Rocco is looking for a home that is willing to take him on daily adventures as he is quite the athlete for an older pal. He is also looking for a good snuggle buddy. He will make sure to tell you when he wants some attention! Rocco is good with other dogs but can sometimes be reactive on leash so he will need continued training.
posted by PV SPCA

Crystal is a cuddly little Terrier mix, just 4.5 months old and a bit shy of 14 pounds.  We expect she will remain a small dog.  

posted by Long Way Home Small Dog Rescue

Sampson is a sweet 8yr old bishon/poodle cross.  He's very social and loves everyone he meets, gets along great with other dogs and is great with kids. He loves to go for walks and has good energy but isn't hyper. He is loyal and happiest following you around and curling up in your lap for a snuggle.

posted by PV SPCA

Fostered in Vancouver, Sandy is a Lab mix, ten months old and weighing almost 16 pounds.  She should remain on the smaller side when full grown.  Sandy is full of puppy energy and just loves her playtime and going for long walks.  Yet she is also an affectionate little girl and loves her cuddles.  Sandy is very good with other dogs and is even good with cats.  Rescued by our sister organization in Mexico, Sandy is available for adoptio

posted by PV SPCA
Fostered in Vancouver Toby is a gorgeous Pug mix, just a year and a half old and about 28 pounds.  He truly is man’s best friend as he prefers the company of his humans and interacting with them.  
posted by PV SPCA

Cassidy is a lovely Terrier mix, just two years old and 22.5 pounds.  He just loves getting lots of attention from his humans.  He is playful and really enjoys his long walks.  Cassidy gets along well with other dogs and even cats.  He has been neutered, dewormed and fully vaccinated.  Rescued by our sister organization in Mexico, Cassidy has made his way to foster care in Nanoose Bay, BC.  If you are looking for a liv

posted by Victoria Adoptables
Finn is an active, exuberant and happy young dog looking for a human(s) to call his own.  Over a year ago, Finn tangled with a car, resulting in the amputation of his front leg.  This doesn’t keep him down though as he’s adjusted well.  The border collie part of him  wants to be challenged...he wants to learn and please his humans.
posted by Cats Cradle

Jiffy is looking for a loving home. For further information contact