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posted by NACS

Available for adoption in Nanaimo! Eleven’s first few months have not been ideal. This little sweetheart is very shy and is going to require a significant amount of time, energy, and love in order to help her grow into a confident dog. She needs a patient, dog experienced home with someone who is willing to take her on as a project and spend the time required to socialize her.

posted by NACS
Available for Adoption in Nanaimo: Webster is a fun loving and very energetic 10 pound Chihuahua mix who is approximately three years old.
posted by NACS
Available for Adoption in Nanaimo! Lily is a sweet, affectionate girl. She is tall and slim with striking green eyes. She was a young mom who was found stray and has now been spayed. Now that she doesn't have to worry about where her next meal is coming from or where her kittens are, she has relaxed into a lovely curious young lady with an adorable little voice that she uses to politely ask for pets. Lily is looking for an indoor only home that is on the quieter side.
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Lucy is a spunky girl that loves to play. She is friendly with all people and nice dogs. She currently lives with a cat but does chase her from time to time. Lucy is looking for a forever family that can give her the exercise and attention she loves. Lucy is a huge cuddle bug, and pretty relaxed in the home as long as she gets her daily walks. This girl has a unique curve in her leg from a previous break that never got fixed. It doesn't slow her down though, and the vet says it causes her no pain! Lucy is kennel trained and doing great with house breaking as long as she is taken outside right when she first wakes up. She needs some leash training and could benefit from basic obedience to learn boundaries in the home. Lucy would strive in a home that enjoys walks and be the perfect companion for anyone who would like to add some cuddles and laughter to their home. If you are interested in adopting Lucy please go to and fill out an application form. You can submit the form to We look forward to hearing from you.
posted by Cats Cradle

This beautiful 8lb brindle chi x is a love bug. She has a lot of energy to play with our other foster dog Donny but then is ready to cuddle up in your lap  and relax. She will need a special home and a kind family willing to work with her. She is not socialized in the park and needs to be kept on leash. She growls and barks at other dogs, most due to insecurity. We have already seen some improvement when taking her to the dog park. She often hops around on 3 legs or limps because of her dislocated hip. The vet believes that she had a rope wrapped around her back leg and was dragged.

posted by Cats Cradle

Donny is approx 9 lbs and a lovable, affectionate dog. Like a lot of rescues he has some anxiety but is overcoming it daily and gaining more confidence in himself. At home he loves to curl up on your lap, is house trained and demands very little except to cuddle. He loves to play with our other foster dog Piglet, but doesn’t show a lot of interest in interacting with other dogs in the park. He’s fine off leash and doesn’t wander far from us. Not tested with cats. For further information contact

posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Adoption Pending
posted by Mex-Can

Kaiya is a lovely, affectionate and moderately active dog looking for a family to love. She is being re-homed due to divorce. She lived with 2 adults, 3 children and a cat. In her current foster, Kaiya prefers to be with her human and in fact, would do best as an only dog. Although she has had great playdates with other dogs, this is not to be expected. She is very protective of her humans and in her last home protected her children. Kaiya will enjoy long vigorous walks, hikes or jogs. She is a great family dog, but not one for the dog park. Fenced yard and dog experienced applicants only.

posted by Dog Bless

For information on the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue website at 

posted by Cats Cradle

Ms Marvel is looking for her perfect companion.  She is eager to please, loves cuddles, and is good with cats and other dogs.  She likes her short walks, but prefers to cuddle up. For further information contact