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Dogs and Puppies

posted by CERA Dog Society
Sweet, cuddly, agile, gets along with dogs and cats
posted by PV SPCA

Biscuit is one super friendly little girl.  A Terrier mix, she is about 1.5 years of age and weighs just a bit over 8 pounds.  She absolutely loves her humans and enjoys lots of petting and loving.  Biscuit is good with other dogs and is even okay with cats.

posted by NACS
Casey is available for adoption in Nanaimo!
posted by Mex-Can

Dana is a sweet, affectionate, social, playful, slightly submissive, young female dog looking for a moderate to high energy home. She is crate and house trained, likes her exercise but chill in the house. Not sure how she is with cats. She would suit a home with another dog as a playmate. Dana is fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas/ticks, spayed, blood tested for heart worm, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis and lyme disease, and x-rays reveal no hip dysplasia. Application can be found at Fee $400. Website Adoption page is not up to date.

posted by PV SPCA

Leo is a low/medium energy Labrador mix puppy, between 6 and 7 months of age, weighing almost 32 pounds.  He will be a medium sized dog when full grown.  He is a friendly and social guy, getting along great with other dogs and every human he meets.  Leo is even okay around cats.  We t

posted by PV SPCA

Hope  is a Lab mix just 3.5 months old and almost 20 pounds.  Just a
puppy, she will grow to be a medium sized dog.

posted by PV SPCA

Barney is a lovely Basset Hound between 5 and 6 years of age and weighing about 44 pounds.  Barney has the most expressive eyes!  

posted by PV SPCA

Willie is a cuddly little Dachshund mix just two years old, weighing a bit over 12 pounds.  For a little guy he is pretty bold and tends to be a bit dominant with the other dogs but very playful with his buddies. He is okay around cats.  As for his hum

posted by PV SPCA


posted by PV SPCA

Cosmo is a beautiful Labrador/Pointer mix a bit over a year old and weighing 50.6 pounds.  He is a medium/high energy guy and quite independent.