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Cats and Kittens

posted by Cats Cradle

Sneaky is quite the little fellow with lots to say. He is an adorable kitten that looks as though he stuck his paw in a wall socket as his fur is standing straight up. He cannot get enough attention and when he feels neglected he is not afraid to let you know. His wide eyed look will melt your heart! For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;

posted by Cats Cradle

Kirby is gorgeous. He is also the sweetest boy. Kirby is coming out of his shell nicely and absolutely loves to cuddle. (He would like to find a home where he gets lots of cuddle time.) Kirby will be a wonderful addition in anyone's home. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;

posted by Cats Cradle

Andy is a very energetic kitten. He loves to cuddle and play; he can't get enough attention. Andy is extremely friendly and loves meeting new people. He is curious and likes to explore everywhere he can. Andy would do well with a family who can give him lots of attention.

posted by Cats Cradle

Kira is a shy girl who takes a bit of time to decide if she can trust you are not. She is incredibly playful and particularly loves a good game of string. She has such an adorable face it is hard not to let her into your home and heart. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Dougals;

posted by Cats Cradle

Burt was at Animal Control after having been hit by a car. They did some veterinary care on him but it was apparent he needed a lot more as he was peeing blood and unable to walk properly. There was evidence of old fractures and this boy tested positive for FIV. He has now healed, thanks to the ministrations of the Broadmead Vet Clinic, and is such a lovely guy. I think he thinks he has died and gone to heaven with regular food, petting and a soft bed.

posted by Cats Cradle

Grace is an inner cuddle bug. Definitely shy at first, she takes her time getting to know you and her surroundings. However, once she emerges she is happy to be pet and brushed, and follow you around the house. She absolutely LOVES laying in your lap or on your legs and her fur is soft for snuggling. Quiet as a mouse too. She doesn't chatter, but purrs generously. Grace is an absolute sweetheart, who is waiting for someone that loves gentle companionship!

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Black with white accent female looking for a long term relationship with a companion who likes to play with string and laser point.  I come from a family of 4 and am okay being alone or with other kittens/cats.

Email me at to set up a play time. 

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Hello!  My name is Jaime. 

I am around 4 years old.  I can tell time and will approach you when it’s treat time. 

I enjoy playing with the laser point and being brushed.  If you forget, I will nudge closer and put my paws on your lap to encourage you to brush me.   As I have medium long hair, brushing will keep my hair from getting mats.

To meet me, please email


posted by Lucky Cat Haven

I am a beautiful brown tabby with white gloves and white knee high socks. :)

My foster parents guess I’m around 4 years old.  My favourite things are being brushed, sleeping the afternoon away, playing with string and eating treats...yum, I love treats!

posted by VACS

Lovely Wanda is.. how should we put it... a little bit heavier than the average cat. She has a wonderful friendly personality but is still settling in to the adoption room, so she's spending most of her time in her kennel. Wanda will need lots of love and some low calorie diet food!

So far Wanda is getting along well with the other cats. She is very friendly and loves meeting people!