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Cats and Kittens

posted by Cats Cradle

Note: This posting is a courtesy to a family which has encountered health problems and can no longer look after their cat. Please do not contact CCAR about Minka. You may contact the owners directly at the number listed below. Minka needs to find a new home. She is 4 years old, spayed and fully litter trained. Minka was adopted from the Vancouver SPCA at 6 weeks of age through the Anderson Vet Clinic on South Granville, from an abandoned litter. She is petite and has the quietest mew of any cat.

posted by Cats Cradle

Celia is the best cat ever. Although I was told she was 15 months old, she acts more like a small kitten. She is very active, gentle and most playful. She amuses herself for hours, be it with a paper clip or a pencil (she sets up these ” challenges” thus inviting you to join her in play).   She loves to drink from the sink, is very well socialized, not shy and loves to be stroked.   She is very feminine (tiny).  If I was to have a cat, “Celia” would be it!  In my 82 years — many cats have “known” me but she is the best ever!

posted by Cats Cradle
posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Max is approximately 11 months old.  Max is looking for a quiet family, with another cat, who understands he needs time to adjust to his new surroundings.  He is a gentle, timid kitten and compare to the other kittens in Lucky Cat Haven's care, he is a giant, so we refer to him as the Friendly Giant.  Are you the family for Max?

If you would like to meet Max, please email his foster parents via

posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Finnigan loves to play with the feather and will chase the laser point. Finnigan is looking for a family with patience to give him the time to know them. Finnigan’s ideal home is one with another cat or kitten to play with. Finnigan is approximately 16 weeks old and is Chuck’s brother. The adoption fee includes deflea, deworm, 1st and 2nd vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and neutering.
posted by Cats Cradle

Light gray female about 8 weeks old with yellow eyes. She is starting to show darker tabby strips as she is getting older. Very adventurous and brave. She loves being petted and is very affectionate. For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

This little one is the most affectionate kitten I have ever met.  He will curl up right under your chin, or on your lap, or absolutely anywhere you will let him.  He is very quiet but not shy.  My 4 year old hauls him everywhere and he never complains…he is so incredibly gentle with her and very understanding.  I have never met a kitten more made for children. For further information contact

posted by Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders

Keiko came to us an owner surrender when they found out he was diabetic.  Since being in our care, he lost most of his extra weight and has been weaned off of insulin.  His diabetes is now completely controlled with diet - and not even an expensive diet!!  He loves everyone.  He does get along with other cats and dogs but because he must eat only one kind of food, he probably is best in a home with no other cats or dogs or in a place where he can't access other food.  This love bug would also prefer a home where he can get a bit of outside time.

posted by Cats Cradle

Pebbles is an amazing young cat. Loves kittens, plays with them, grooms them, is fine with other cats, fine with dogs. In other words, this cat is absolutely fearless. She tries to open drawers, cupboards, full of mischief and loves to play with my small dog, they wrestle vigorously whenever they are together. Pebbles has not been adopted out before as she was very sick as a kitten and I hand fed her for 3 weeks. She got over the viral infection and is doing so well now, picture of health, the odd sneeze from time to time but looks marvelous.

posted by Cats Cradle

Ben is a very curious kitten – he loves to explore and play with his sister Bailey. He especially loves other cats – actually he likes other cats more than people.  As kittens/cats go, Ben is a little nervous/shy.  When he first came to live with me, everything frightened him.  He has been with me 5 weeks now and now allows me to pet him and pick him up – he purrs a lot and seems to enjoy it – he loves to sleep with me.  He is very affectionate, but always on “his terms”.