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Cats and Kittens

posted by VACS

Marvin is the type of cat you fall in love with the moment you meet him. All he wants in life is love. He is in need of an extra special adopter to take care of him in his "retirement".

posted by VACS

Max is a great cat with a well rounded personality who is very easy to get along with. When we met Max he had an injury on his head and he was incredibly calm and patient with us while we treated it. It is just a surface wound and is healing very well.

Max 's love is for humans only so he would prefer a home without other cats.

posted by VACS

Andrew is a very friendly cat who really deserves a special home where he can be taken care of properly, as he has a couple of special needs. He has been with us since April and has gone through quite a transformation from a skinny stray with chunks of fur missing to a strong and healthy boy.

Andrew is very gentle with people, he loves attention and purrs when he is picked up. He would like to be a lap cat but he is not too overbearing. He is happy to sit peacefully next to us on our desks. He gives lots of purrs and little grunts.

posted by VACS

Dawson is a very handsome boy with a gorgeous, shiny black coat. We suspect he has been an indoor only cat his whole life, so the process of coming to the pound has been quite frightening for him. He is a shy cat, but he wants to be friends.

His new home must be indoor only, fairly quiet, and with a family who will be patient and work with Dawson to make him feel comfortable. Once he builds up his confidence he will be a loving cat. We find that often shy cats, once they have developed a bond with their new owners, can be the most loyal and affectionate.

posted by VACS

Maggie is a quiet and very charming cat. She isn't particularly outgoing but once you start petting her she just soaks it up and can't get enough. Once she is settled in to a new home she will be a very affectionate girl.

Maggie is looking for an indoor only home on the quieter side, and she won't mind including another friendly cat in her family.

posted by VACS

Leonidas is shy and especially adorable. He is ready for adoption to a calm and patient home.

When we met Leo a month ago he did not have very much experience with people and he was very frightened. It took weeks to build up his trust level and confidence. He has always been very gentle and has never even hissed. We have just been allowing him to get to know us on his own time.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

This handsome peaches and cream colour cat is Kingston. He is 5 years old and is an independent cat with a healthy dosage of curiosity. He likes to play with the laser pointer and being brushed and petted. Kingston came into our care with Princess.

Kingston will be at PetSmart as of July 3rd.  PetSmart is located at Millstream Village and is open from 9 to 9 Mondays to Saturdays and 10 to 6 on Sundays.  If you would like more information about Kingston, please email

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Princess is a beautiful cat with a sweet personality: she enjoys cuddles, talking and playing with the laser pointer. Princess is 6 years old and came into our care with Kingston.  To meet Princess, please visit her at the PetSmart Adoption Centre in Millstream Village.  PetSmart is open Mondays to Saturdays from 9 to 9 and Sundays from 10 to 6.  If you would like more information, please email

posted by VACS

Thomas is one of the most gentle, friendly, and loving cats we have had in a while. If you come into our adoption room, he will make sure you spend most of your time petting him! He gets along with everyone, including all the other cats.

posted by Cats Cradle