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Cats and Kittens

posted by Cats Cradle

Moochie, who is a very active and happy kitten,, is so named because he believes no matter what is put in front of him someone else is getting something better to eat! He will check the dishes of my other four cats before eating his own just to make sure. Of all the kittens I have fostered he is the only one that all of the other kittens absolutely love. They groom him, play with him and let him sleep on top of them. He is abeautiful black kitten with gorgeous soft fur which he keeps immaculate.

posted by Cats Cradle

This is Blaze, who is very cute, curious, and still a bit shy. What he needs is someone who is calm, and willing to work with him to help get over his fears. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;



posted by Cats Cradle

Cookie is very cute, curious and affectionate. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;


posted by Cats Cradle

We received Brownie not that long ago as a nameless kitten who was described by the vet as being a "genderless scaredy cat". They had not been able to get close enough to her to determine her gender. We brought and kept her in the bathroom. Every time we came near her she hissed and batted her paws at us. For two weeks we referred to her as "the bathroom troll" because she let us know she was to be feared (from under the tub of course). Now however, she is our energetic, loving, adorable "brownie batter". She entertains us daily and we will be heartbroken to part with her.

posted by Cats Cradle

From Maxwell's foster home:

posted by Pacific Cat Clinic

Our little 8 week old princess Oscar is looking for her forever home!

posted by Mon's Animal Rescue

Mons Animal Rescue now has three little kittens who need a warm forever home for their mittens 8 weeks old all boys part maine coon they will get vet checked de wormed and fleaed and first shots adoption fee for them will be 200 just to help cover their vet costs Reo, Coal and Ashes if interested please contact me 250 508 4371 and please share lets find them a forever home

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Hello, my name is Goldie.  I love treats and playing with laser pointer and string.  At first I will be shy; however, after I get to know you I will come out to play.  When you give me treats, I will let you pet's only fair. ;)

To meet me or to learn about the adoption process, please contact my foster parents at

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Greetings!  My name is Cyndi.  During my first week in foster care, I sang as I was in heat.  As I reminded my foster mom of Cyndi Lauper that is how I got my name. :)

When you first meet me, I will be shy and timid; after I get used to being around you, I will come out to play with string and eat all the treats you give me....yummy!

I came into foster care with my son Sparky.  He is also available for adoption.

You can meet me at PetSmart.

posted by VACS

Jessica is a very outgoing young lady and loves all the attention she can get. She is very lively and would like a home where she can have lots of fun. She is not too keen on the other cats so far, but may be able to adjust to another friendly cat. We will learn more about her as the continues to settle in.