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Cats and Kittens

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Greetings!  My name is Spike.  I was an unfixed tom cat roaming the streets of Saanich looking for morsels to eat.  I was fortunate enough to find someone to feed me during the winter.  Thinking I may be lost, my caregiver put up posters; but no one came forward to claim me.  After the last cold snap, my caregiver found me limping and struggling to move, she knew I needed medical attention immediately.  I count my blessings as my caregiver called Lucky Cat Haven to rescue me.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Tux is approximately 1 years old and loves to play.  He drools when he is being brushed. :)  He lives in a multi-cat household and is comfortable with interacting with the other cats.

Tux came into our care with a broken foot and although it has healed and he is able to walk, he has a limp.  Don't feel sorry for him...he is happy to be alive and playing!

To meet Tux, please contact his foster parents at



posted by VACS

Thomas was abandoned outside his former home when his owners moved away. He is a nice and gentle cat, but he is feeling very shy in his new surroundings. Slowly, he is starting to come out of hiding and look for attention. He has a very sweet and affectionate personality. He has been avoiding the other cats a bit, but could very likely adjust to sharing his home with another friendly cat. He will do well in a quieter home.

posted by Cats Cradle

This lovely cat was living in a group home in Duncan. She became really stressed and the group home management felt it would be better to rehome her. They didn't want to take her to the SPCA so CCAR was contacted and we took her in. She is in a great foster home and is doing marvelously. In the words of Kristy, her foster mom "She's such a sweet cat, we love having her here!"


For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas:


posted by VACS

Jamie had been living stray for quite some time before he was brought to the pound. At first he was very afraid of people. He has slowly been getting braver and has been enjoying pets and attention. He is still very unsure of himself in a human world but is going to turn out to be a very loving guy. All Jamie needs is a little love and patience. He will do best in a quieter home, probably without any other male cats.

posted by VACS

Nelson had been living stray and competing for food left out by neighbors for at least the past year. He ended up in a fight with a raccoon and was severly beaten up. When he was found, Nelson had open wounds all over his face, neck, front legs, and abdomen. Some of the wounds were abscessed. Thankfully, Nelson went to someone's house who called us right away and he was taken for emergency treatment. He spent a few days under veterinary care, going through surgery to clean and close all his injuries. He must have had at least 50 stitches.

posted by Cats Cradle

Ike has a way of making your heart melt. He is a courageous cat who took little to no time adapting to his foster home. He keeps my sister company when she does her homework by sleeping in the chair beside her, and he is always the last to go to bed since he stays up until the last person calls it quits. He loves company and is very well mannered. He is a bigger cat but has been on a diet for a month now and doesn't complain about having less food than he was used to. At present he's not very playful, but that could change with time. Besides .....

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Gandalf is 8 years old and just plain cool.  The kind of cat that thinks he is a dog, super fun and great natured.  He may have Maine Coon heritage as his head and paws are quite large. Gandalf chatters sometimes when he is bored.  

The video shows Gandalf with his friend Tiger:  Tiger has been adopted.

To meet Gandalf, please email  

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

This is Blackie.  He is one smart black cat!  On our first day of trapping, he walked in and out of the trap without triggering the trap.  We thought it was a fluke and put more treats into the trap.  Blackie came back about 30 minutes later and promptly walked into the trap, ate the treats, walked out without triggering the trap.  He then looked at me and licked his lips.  It looked like he was thanking me for the wonderful treat. LOL!  We finally caught him by modifying the trigger area so that it would close as soon as he step inside.

posted by Cats Cradle

Big Andy is a very handsome boy but he does not like to be touched. 
Andy came to CCAR when he was a kitten and we tried everything to make him comfortable around people but he just prefers cats. He will dodge out of your way if you try to touch him. He really enjoys the company of other cats, especially the females!