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Cats and Kittens

posted by VACS

Handsome Snowball is a 6 year old DSH Neutered Male. This boy would do best in a quiet home as he does not enjoy the company of other cats and dogs so much. He is quite talkative but very affectionate and sweet, he would certainly make a lovely lap cat!    

posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society

This beautiful black pair are Fred & Jane; they are siblings and are looking for a home together. These two need a very a quiet home with someone who has the patience to help them blossom into a wonderful pair of kitties. Both cats are very shy when meeting new people for the first time but once they get to trust you they're really sweet.

posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society

This beautiful little girl is Pauline. She came to us because her owner passed away and no one in the family was able to provide her with a home. Pauline is a very petite/slender tabby girl with a solid white bib and big round eyes. She is the type of cat who knows what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to let you know if you're not accommodating.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Hershey is a beautiful black and white tuxedo kitten who is very comfortable with other cats.  Once he knows you, he is quite affectionate.
Hershey has a string fetish and will spend hours playing with the string part of the toy.  He also likes to play with the laser point but his ultimate favourite game is to chase his treats. The best part is that he needs you pet him before he eats the treat.  Based on his behaviour, Hershey has the right attributes to be a lap cat…he just needs the right person to bond with.  Are you that person?

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Hello!  My name is Trill.  I came into Lucky Cat Haven’s care with my sister Cookie.
I was named Trill because I make a trilling sound when I greet you.  I am a 7-year-old long hair, orange tabby with some Persian and/or Maine Coon lineage.
I enjoy being cuddled and brushed.  I’m not too fussy about treats.  I like people and have a full range of sounds; hence why my foster parents think I may have some Maine Coon in me.

If you are looking for an affectionate cat who enjoys the company of people, I am the right cat for you!

posted by Cats Cradle

This handsome boy with the large head suits his name perfectly. He is very friendly and his favourite thing to do is to sleep on my bed, but at the end, so as not to bother me. He is a true gentleman. He follows me around like a dog and will come when called but he really doesn’t like dogs so he probably should go in a home without dogs (although I suspect that eventually he would realize that dogs, while inferior to him of course, are ok). He is okay with other cats, doesn’t seek them out but doesn’t bother with them either.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Shilo first came into our care after her previous owner abandoned her and she was kicked
outside by her new owner. As Shilo was declawed by the original owner, she had no defense
other than to bite.

Being outside was stressful as she does not have the ability to hunt. Fortunately, one of the
neighbours was willing to feed her until we were able to catch her and bring her into
Lucky Cat Haven's care. Shilo has regained her trust in humans and she likes to be
posted by Cats Cradle

Iris is a sweet, friendly and playful cat who is looking for her forever home! She has boundless energy! Iris just might be the only cat who actually plays with toys rather than scoffs at them. She likes to be where the people are and often  follows you when you leave the room. She’s very sweet, loving to join you on your bed at the end of the day. Iris is looking for a loving forever home full of cuddles and playtime! For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

Missy is a sweet little older cat with a very loving personality. We believe she is deaf but she is otherwise healthy.  She isn’t great with other cats so should be an only cat. If you think you can give a senior cat some good years, please consider Missy. If you don’t want to commit to adoption, please consider a long term foster situation. For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

Katie is a shy sweety. Once you gain her trust she will surprise you with some loud purrs and cuddles. She has lots of love to give.  She is not really a lap kitty but will lay next to you and loves when you scratch her ears and head. Her favorite toy is the cat wand, which lets the two of you play together. She likes having a quite place to have alone time and would do best in a quiet home, being the only pet.  Katie is a sweet, quiet cat looking for a sweet and quiet forever home! For further information contact