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Cats and Kittens

posted by PV SPCA

Baby is a handsome young orange & white male cat, looking for his forever home. He was rescued out a trash bin in Mexico when he was just a little kitten, and had 3 years of living in a loving home. Sadly his human passed away, and he now finds himself looking for a new family. He is a little shy at first, but once he opens up he will be on your lap, kneading your belly and purring to show his affection. He is neutered, dewormed, and fully vaccinated.

posted by PV SPCA

Mercy would love to be adopted into a caring home. This sweet white male cat is approx 6 years old, and was rescued by our sister group in Mexico, the SPCAPV. Mercy is an independent kitty, who enjoys sleeping on the back of the couch until he's ready to snuggle with his humans. He is slightly reserved at first, but warms up quickly.He has traveled to BC in hopes of finding his forever family. Mercy is neutered, dewormed, and fully vaccinated.

posted by VACS

Rosetta is a little timid at first but once you get to know her she is a sweetie who loves affection and likes to chat. She's bossy with the other cats and warns them to keep their distance. She's the newest cat to move into the adoption room and we're just getting to know her as she explores.

posted by VACS

Augustus is a big, handsome boy. He is a little bit shy and it takes him some time to build up trust with new people, however once he's comfortable he is very affectionate and asks for pets with a very small meow. He is so sweet and loves to snuggle more than anything else. Once settled into a quiet, indoor only home, Augustus will definitely be a lap cat!

posted by Cats Cradle

Russell is a very playful and affectionate cat. He loves cuddles and if you rub his belly you will have a friend for life. Russell is a little timid around new things and loud noises. Russell would do well in a home where people are willing to get down on the floor and play with him on his level. I believe he would be fine with another cat so long as he still receives one-on-one attention.

posted by Cats Cradle

From JK's Foster Home: "JK (Just Kitty) is an awesome little cat and I have fallen in love with her since she arrived at my house. If I was in a position to adopt, this would be my forever cat. She greets me at the door when I come home and likes to follow me around the house.

posted by VACS

Josie is a cuddler! She loves to climb up into our arms and be held. She is not a high maintenance girl, but if you offer her some affection she will never turn you down. Josie also lives peacefully with the other cats.

We have just had Josie in for a dental cleaning and she had one tooth pulled. Her gums are recovering and after a recheck at the vet this week (just to make sure everything has healed well) she will be all ready to go to her new home.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Jasmine is a beautiful brown tabby who is approximately 6 months old. She is affectionately referred to as “Chairman Meow” as she has a commanding meow. :)

Jasmine is very affectionate once she gets to know you: which doesn’t take long. She enjoys treats and likes to play with string.

To meet Jasmine, please contact her foster parents at

posted by Cats Cradle

"Hi I am Magic. I am a quiet fellow who is calm, gentle, and I love to cuddle. Please consider taking me home as I am eager to have a permanent place to rest .... oh I do a lot of that too, rest. Having another cat friend around would make me happy as long as they are happy too. I get along with everyone." This is a very easygoing, laid back cat who is grateful for any attention; just a real sweetheart. For further information contact Joan at

posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society

Eclipse is waiting to find the perfect forever home. Could it be with you? She came to VPAS as a young kitten and we've had the opportunity to watch her blossom over the last few weeks.  

Although she is primarily black, Eclipse has some long, white guard hairs that make her stand out from her siblings. Her fur is very soft and shiny.