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Cats and Kittens

posted by VACS

Vincent is a very sweet cat who is in the process of adjusting to indoor life at the pound, so he is shy right now. However, he absolutely loves getting affection and he has a huge heart. With some patience, he will develop into a very social and loving cat.

posted by VACS

Penelope is about 4 months old. She is extremely playful and is looking for a family to entertain her!

Her adoption fee is $200.00. She will be spayed and microchipped on Sept. 2 and will be back at the pound on Sept. 3.

posted by VACS

Raven is very confident, outgoing, and active. She is always keeping herself busy exploring and making the other cats uncomfortable. She will do best in a home without other kitties! She is a little fussy with new people and will take some time to win her over.

posted by VACS

Beautiful Tilly is very petite and quite shy right now as she settles in to our busy environment. She is slowly relaxing, becoming very affectionate and showing us a bit of personality. More info coming soon!

posted by VACS

Carmelita is all beauty and sass. She is confident and likes people, but is quite mean to other cats. She is declawed and requires a strictly indoor only home. She also requires a person who enjoys brushing her. It might just be her favorite thing.  

She has some eye irritation that is stress-related, and we are treating her with eye drops, but the real solution to the issue will be for her to move into a loving home without other cats so she will no longer be stressed.

posted by Cats Cradle
Dolce is a sweet tempered guy with a big rumbling purr. His first veterinarian believed he was a cross with a Norwegian Mountain Cat. His mother died when he and his brothers were three weeks old. He was bottle fed and hand raised, making him very affectionate and personable. Dolce was allowed to become an outdoor kitty, and loved hanging out on the deck with his buddy from down the street.  
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society

This very handsome boy is Waffle. He has a gorgeous, smokey black coat and green eyes. He is a fairly shy kitty so he's looking for an adult-only home with someone who understands him and can help him come out of his shell. Waffle was born as part of a feral litter and did not have any human contact until he was about 8 weeks old. When he first came into our care he was very scared of people and didn't know how to react.  When he's afraid he doesn't lash out at all, he simply hunkers down and freezes, hoping no one will notice him.

posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society

This super adorable little face belongs to Cupcake. She has a wonderful purr and is snuggly with people that she's gotten to know. She loves other cats and will make a great companion if you've got an existing feline in the house. She runs and plays with the other cats in her foster home, racing up & down her scratching post.

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Kitty (aka Guy) is an awesome cat!  He loves to be petted and brushed and follow you around. He likes to play with laser point. 

To meet Guy, please visit him at PetSmart in Millstream Village in Langford.  For more information about Guy, please email

posted by Cats Cradle

Don’t let the almost stern look on this kittens face fool you! Tiger is very affectionate and quick to purr. Her ears are back in the photo because she is listening to the kittens playing directly beside her. It’s hard for a girl to get her sleep! Tiger was just rescued a week ago and since the she has been vaccinated and spayed. She is slowly learning to trust and is sitting on my lap for the first time purring while I right this note.