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Cats and Kittens

posted by VACS

We are still getting to know Antonio. So far he is only interested in one person. He may be the kind of cat that only wants one person to be his friend. He is amazingly cuddly and outgoing with one person and everyone else sees a very different side to him.

posted by Cowichan Cat Rescue


Adoptable indoor-only, special needs cat: EVAN


posted by Cats Cradle

Star is, unlike his brother Duke, still a bit shy, but is showing a lot affection. For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

Duke is a very laid back fellow, and quite affectionate. For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

Aubrey is an inquisitive young lady, who loves to be the center of attention. For further information contact

posted by Cats Cradle

Finn is a very loving cat – loves to give cuddles, likes attention, purrs a lot and gets along well with my cats.   I think he would be fine with calm dogs as well.  He is a kitten at heart though and so has a lot of energy.  He is also very vocal – if he is frightened or wants something, he can be very loud.  When Finn first came to live with me, he was quite frightened and preferred to stay in his bedroom.  After a few days he started to explore the house, but still runs back to the safety of the bedroom if anything frightens him.

posted by Pacific Cat Clinic

Hello fellow cat lovers!

Swift (in the picture) and his little kitten fur-ball friends are getting ready to be adopted soon and find their forever homes! Swift has many unique friends at the clinic, of all unique colors and personalities, that would love to meet you! They all are cute, lovable and bundles of energy.

Drop us an email or give us a call at the clinic to set up a viewing time to meet some of the kittens today! We will be having kittens coming and going all summer and we are positive we can find the purrfect one for you!

Pacific Cat Clinic

posted by Lucky Cat Haven

Chocolate is approximately 8 months old. He came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with his sister (Kisses) and brother (Hershey). Chocolate has a string fetish: he will play catch with a stringed toy but his favourite is playing with the stringed part. He also likes to chase the laser point. Chocolate enjoys the company of other cats. As his exposure to dogs did not go well, he is not suitable for a family with a dog.

To meet Chocolate, please drop by the PetSmart Adoption Centre in the Millstream Village Shopping Centre.  For more information contact

posted by VACS

Noodles came to the pound in April. We brought her to the vet and discovered she had an infection in her uterus. We had her spayed and she has recovered well. She is quiet and spends most of her day napping although Noodles may be very different in a home without other cats. Noodles is having a hard time sharing her space with the other cats at the pound.  We have to keep her separated as she has taken it upon herself to let the other cats know just how unwelcome they are in “her” space.

posted by VACS

Snowball is looking for a busy home. He would be happy with another cat, but the other cat would not be happy with him. He likes to test his limits and finds endless entertainment in seeing how much he can annoy them before he gets swatted. If you meet Snowball you will see the small scratches on his ears that he has earned.