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Newest Adoptables

posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Meet Mandy! 
posted by Cats Cradle
Blue is a very timid sweet cat.  She came from Edmonton with her three kitten, who are all adopted by now.   It took Blue almost 2 weeks to feel safe enough to come out of the en-suite, but is now roaming the house.  She sure is happy to let you know when she is hungry, and will be rubbing herself up against you when it is time for some petting.  Blue does not appear to be bothered by either dogs or other cats, but really would prefer all the attention just for herself.
posted by Cats Cradle
Rani is a beautiful cat with an incredibly soft and fluffy coat. She thinks of herself as queen of the house and likes to spend her days sitting in windowsills where she can observe everything going on in the house and outside. Rani loves to be pet and brushed. When you are brushing your teeth she will hop up on the bathroom counter so it is easier for you to scratch behind her ears. She is a real sweetheart and your attention will be rewarded with loud purrs and licks.
posted by PV SPCA
Venus is just the cutest little dog, she is out of this world! Such a unique girl, we guess her heritage to be a possible mixture of Fox Terrier X Border Collie. Venus is about 2.5 years old, and really quite a calm dog, enjoying time spent cuddling on a warm lap. She also is great on leashed walks and on car rides.
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
ADOPTABLE SNICKERS is looking for a family to call his own. Snickers is full of personality and is patiently waiting for his perfect someone. He is fearful of men at first but given the time he warms up and shows you he wants to trust! Snickers is a spaniel mix weighing about 15 lbs. He is approximately 2.5 years old. This handsome boy loves snuggles and belly rubs. Snickers is looking for a home that is willing to work through his insecurities.
posted by Dog Bless
For information on the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue website at 
posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Meet Peter! Peter and his siblings were born here in clinic on April 29th. He is a very smart little gentleman, and quite enjoys exploring! When Peter grows up, he would like to be a mountain climber. He likes laying in the sunshine; do you have a spot for him in your home? Peter also has a really great time chasing after balls and catnip toys. He does well with other kittens, and especially likes a lap to snuggle up and fall asleep in.
posted by Long Way Home Small Dog Rescue
Brandy's former owner passed away so he ended up in the care of rescue.  As you can see from his before pic, he had not been groomed in quite some time.  We are cleaning him up, he is having a dental and neuter, and then he will be up for adoption.  So far he is a very sweet and nice dog.  His adoption fee is $475
posted by Cats Cradle
Tracy is one of our Edmonton kittens still looking for her forever home. For further information contact
posted by Mex-Can
Roy would do best in a home as an only dog or with a female dog in the household. He is currently co-existing with several other dogs at the Mex-Can Guanajuato shelter. He attempts to be a dominant with some, especially one other male in particular,  but is mostly fine with all the others, and is actually pals with a lot of the other male dogs. You just have to keep an eye on him and read his body language. He responds well to verbal correction.