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Newest Adoptables

posted by PV SPCA
Well, don't these two make the purrfect pair! Mittens (male) and Ashes (female) are 4.5 month old identical kittens, looking to be adopted. They would love to stay together as they are best buds, but they can also be separated into suitable homes. Rescued by our sister organization in Mexico, Mittens and Ashes are now in foster care near Vancouver.
posted by NACS
Miss Beauty is back with us after a few days with a potential adopter. Unfortunately, she did not get along with the family cat, but it was a tough choice for them as she excelled in every other way. We learned a lot more about her behaviour in a normal family home and the family had wonderful things to report. Beauty quickly learned every command she was given, and they said she is so easily trainable it's amazing.
posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Meet Thumbelina! This sweetheart is 8 weeks old. Although tiny, she loves to play and doesn't let her small size get in the way! She is also a lap kitty and enjoys a good cuddle and head scratches.
posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Meet Zazu! This little lady is 6 months old and eager to find a loving home. She is a very playful and chatty kitten who would be great in a busy home with kids and other animals. She has a great personality and a lot of love to give.
posted by Cats Cradle
Hershey is a social, well adapted little dog. He has a lovely, sweet disposition, and has proved to be gentle and patient with kids. He is a great walker, up for anything. Hershey is social with other dogs and greets everyone he walks by.
posted by Cats Cradle
Salina is a very gentle kitty. She is also very friendly, loves being brushed, and purrs easily when stroked. She is very relaxed with her human companions and spends her day cuddled up in her favourite spot where she can keep an eye on her Yorkie foster brother. Salina is not aggressive with the dog, but would much rather be in a different part of the home where she can relax.
posted by Cats Cradle
Eddie is an energetic young cat who loves to snuggle as much as he loves to play. Eddie was really shy at first, but after a few days, (once he knows you’re an okay human), he opens up as if he had never acted differently before. Your lap is no longer your own, then, as Eddie absolutely loves to affectionately get in your way!
posted by Cats Cradle
We've loved having Daisy around as she is very playful and cuddly. Loves being carried around and purrs like crazy. She also loves playing with her feather toy, she will attack it out of nowhere all the time! Daisy is very affectionate and will spend lots of time cuddling with us one the couch.
posted by Animals In Need Society BC
Meet Adoptable Charlie!   If you’re looking for an older, slower lap dog, Charlie is the boy for you. This sweet old guy is fully housetrained and easy to be around. He enjoys calm, leisurely walks, snuggling and keeping warm.   Charlie is good with other dogs, but prefers older, calmer dogs who match his energy level. He has not been tested with cats. He is good with people and could live with gentle, older children.  
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
Fuzzy Bear is around 2 years old, and will need a forever family, who has patience and willingness to continue Fuzzy’s socialization. Fuzzy is used to being around other cats and loves to play chase with laser point or a fast moving object.Once he settles in, Fuzzy Bear will sit near you:he is not a lap cat. To meet Fuzzy Bear and his brother, Gummy Bear, please email