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posted by Pacific Cat Clinic
Meet Sven and Prince Hans! These adorable 10 week old kittens are in search of their forever families. Both boys came to us quite shy, as they were alone in the outdoors for their first 10 weeks of life. Since then, they have both calmed down very nicely and are becoming very social little guys. As shown in the picture, they love to cuddle up by the warm heater!   
posted by Dog Bless
For information on the adoption process or details on the status of this specific dog, please visit the Dog Bless Rescue website at 
posted by How to Find a Puppy
Meet Jerry! He is a great little guy who is a 1 year old Min Pin mix. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in California and brought to Victoria to find his new loving home. If you are interested in him, please contact  Thank you.
posted by How to Find a Puppy
Milo is a 2 year old, 10 lb Dachshund mix.  He is a lovely little guy who was rescued and brought to Victoria to find his forever home. Please contact for more information about him. Thank you
posted by Turtle Gardens
Soft and gentle is a great way to describe Arctic (pictured on the left on the stair) and to describe the person /family that she will do best with. Super easy on leash and almost always as close to you on an off leash walk as she is on. Calm in the house and okay alone, greeting your return with a quiet happy dance and a big smile.
posted by Victoria Adoptables
Three puppies, 12 weeks old, border collie X, 2 males, one female. Please email Cats Cradle Rescue at for more info.PLEASE NOTE: These puppies will not be ready for new homes until after the Christmas season.
posted by VACS
This Candy is super sweet! She is friendly and outgoing. She chats a lot, so she will be great company for her new family. She is hoping for someone who won't mind brushing her beautiful coat. Candy will prefer a home without other cats.
posted by PV SPCA
Kimo is a beautiful small Labrador mix weighing 30.8 pounds.  He is still young, about a year old, and loves lots of physical activity including long walks.  
posted by Cats Cradle
Beatrix came from Fernwood and she is extremely timid. She would require intensive one on one handling in a small room or pen for several weeks and then may, but only may, become less timid. She is a beautiful looking cat, an unusual brown with big, saucer like eyes. If anyone is interested in working with this car, we could supply a pen and instruction on how to help socialize her.
posted by Cats Cradle
Johnny is being fostered with Shane. They are so sweet. Both love to snuggle and sleep curled up together on my bed. Johnny loves to grab anything ( tissues, toys, etc) and run around with it growling and making like he is a tough guy. They play a lot and are good with the other cats. Both of these kittens are bomb-proof and would be fine with children and dogs.