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posted by PV SPCA
Fostered in Vancouver, Dixie is one lovable happy girl.  She is an American Staffordshire/Terrier mix, just about two years old and almost 42 pounds.
posted by PV SPCA
Who can resist the soulful eyes and droopy ears of this Basset Hound mix?!?!  Daisy is around 6 years old and weighs 44 pounds.  Daisy is a social gal who enjoys the company of other dogs.  Her low/medium energy level doesn’t always allow her to keep up with the big boys when out running, but she doesn’t seem to mind.  Her preference is to get cuddles, ear rubs and plenty of loving fro
posted by VACS
Abigail is such a unique, lovely girl! She's nervous at first but becomes very affectionate and friendly after a few minutes.
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
This sweet pair of fluffy white cats is Holly & Blizzard. They are brother and sister and would love to find a home together.  These two are some of the most affectionate cats that you will ever meet! They came to us from an over-crowded shelter and we don't know their history prior to that time, but they were obviously loved members of a family at some point because they are huge attention hogs. They will sit on you, give you hugs, and purr up a storm.
posted by Cats Cradle
Sam is very playful and energetic; he could play for hours on end if you let him. One of our favourite things about Sam is that he is always the first to greet you when you walk in the door. He loves attention and enjoys a good cuddle; he is extremely social and is completely content sitting on the couch watching a movie. He also is very fond of early morning conversations and can be quite vocal. He is very passionate about his food and his laser.
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Location: Victoria  Adoption fee: $400
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
UPDATE:  Adoption Pending---------Phoenix is a beautiful, short hair, female orange tabby.  She is Orion's sister, and cousin to Aurora, Cassiopeia, Galaxy and Star.Phoenix likes to observe before joining in play but once she starts chasing the laser point, she wants to play forever.  Phoenix has thick fur so would enjoy the benefits of being brushed frequently.  She also loves treats.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
UPDATE:  Adoption Pending---------Orion is a short hair, male, orange tabby.  He came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with his sister Phoenix and cousins - Aurora, Cassiopeia, Galaxy, and Star.  Orion is a player, he loves to chase the laser point and balls.  Given the right interaction, Orion will be a lap cat who enjoys being brushed.Are you the right family for Orion?
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
UPDATE:  Adoption Pending---------Cassiopeia, like her name, is a beautiful kitten.  Cassiopeia came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with her siblings - Aurora, Galaxy, and Star, and her cousins - Orion and Phoenix.  Cassiopeia is a calico but you can't see her white fur as it is located on her tummy.
posted by Lucky Cat Haven
This beautiful orange tabby kitten is Aurora. She came into Lucky Cat Haven's care with her siblings and cousins.  Aurora is approximately 12 weeks old and has a strong personality.At first, Aurora will hiss and growl at you, to demonstrate she is not afraid of you...don't be frightened by her big show: Aurora is a real softie and given time to adjust to her new environment, she will show you her true affectionate and cuddly cat.