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posted by PV SPCA
One of our loveliest rescues, Shadow is a gorgeous black beauty just five years old.  She was rescued by our sister organization in Mexico and has been with us for years.  It is surely time for Shadow to have a family of her own.  She is very sweet and cuddly.  Shadow is friendly and loves to have her humans pet and stroke her.  Having lived at the sanctuary so long, she i
posted by Mex-Can
Seamus is a low shedding dog that is very active, is housetrained, loves cuddles and despite his size (30 lbs) will climb right into your lap.  He sleeps in his crate all night, and is ok to be left alone in his crate for a few hours at a time, but for too long he gets anxious. He would love to have a canine companion. He is not suitable for a home with cats or children. In fact, he is fearful of children so he must be on leash during walks.
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Location: VictoriaBreed: Chihuahua Mix(Heeler? Corgi?)
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Location: VictoriaBreed: Chihuahua Mix
posted by PV SPCA
Charley is a Lab mix between five and six years of age and almost 51 pounds.
posted by PV SPCA
Angelo is one of the sweetest Lab mix dogs we have ever met!  He is about a year and a half old and weighs almost 40 pounds.
posted by Rosier Days Dog Rescue
posted by PV SPCA
Maggie is a sweet and cuddly Labrador mix puppy just 2.5 months old.  She was born on December 23, 2016 in the sanctuary of our sister
posted by NACS
Available for Adoption in Nanaimo: Pebbles is looking for love! He is a young adult (approx. 1 -3 ) who until recently was living the rough life of a stray, trying to stay warm while suffering from fleas, worms, and an abscessed wound on his tail. He is now healthy, neutered, and ready to start the next chapter of his life!
posted by Victoria Pet Adoption Society
Meet Oliver, our handsome red tabby boy. If you are an adult-only home that is looking for a mature cat to share your life with, look no further. Oliver is an extremely loyal cat who bonds closely with his people. He can take a little bit of time to warm up to new faces, but once he knows you, he's snuggly, interactive, and chatty.