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posted by Victoria Humane Society
Cheech is a confident & lanky Chihuahua who came into care originally very fearful & weary of humans given his experiences in life. Just a few days to run, play, & cuddle and this feisty fellow is more than ready for his forever family. He is a young male, small but confident, playful but adores cuddles, and is well socialized with other dogs but loves to be in your human arms as often as you will allow.
posted by Victoria Humane Society
Chong is a quiet, sage soul of a dog. He is a male Chihuahua cross (about 3-5 years) that doesn't often bark and is quite calm. He is well socialized with other dogs but can still be shy of some people (the male kind of people ;)) He enjoys his time in the sun and loves a good brushing & a snuggle. For application, please go to and fill out online.
posted by Victoria Humane Society
Two year old Izzy came into care for medical reasons that proved to be completely insignificant and will have zero impact on her current or future health - which means she is more than ready to go with a forever family! She is best guess a shepherd/terrier cross - she is medium size and working on gaining some weight. She loves to exercise and is quite well behaved for recall & basic commands. She is working on socialization with other dogs as it seemed lacking. She is learning to play!
posted by Victoria Humane Society
Six month old Faith is a small/medium female border collie cross pup who is more than willing to have you love her! She is very cute in her playfulness with other pups and her belly crawling to you for love & pets! She may be fearful at first because of her background but she is very quick to come around and seek out your company or another dogs.
posted by Victoria Humane Society
Six month old Oz is a medium sized pup who still has some growing to do. He is a beautiful black & tan and is quick to play & frolic with other dogs. He came into care quite fearful but has followed his sister Faiths lead and is really starting to burst out of his shell. He will rush up to you - all wags - just into the play posture and then run away, and you swear you hear him giggling as he does it!
posted by Cats Cradle
Sneaky is quite the little fellow with lots to say. He is an adorable kitten that looks as though he stuck his paw in a wall socket as his fur is standing straight up. He cannot get enough attention and when he feels neglected he is not afraid to let you know. His wide eyed look will melt your heart!
posted by Cats Cradle
Kirby is gorgeous. He is also the sweetest boy. Kirby is coming out of his shell nicely and absolutely loves to cuddle. (He would like to find a home where he gets lots of cuddle time.) Kirby will be a wonderful addition in anyone's home. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;
posted by Cats Cradle
Andy is a very energetic kitten. He loves to cuddle and play; he can't get enough attention. Andy is extremely friendly and loves meeting new people. He is curious and likes to explore everywhere he can. Andy would do well with a family who can give him lots of attentions. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Douglas;
posted by Cats Cradle
Kira is a shy girl who takes a bit of time to decide if she can trust you are not. She is incredibly playful and particularly loves a good game of string. She has such an adorable face it is hard not to let her into your home and heart. For further information contact Cats Cradle Adoption Coordinator, Joan Dougals;
posted by Cats Cradle
This little girl is a very people-oriented dog who loves to exercise. She is fine with other dogs but not so great with cats, although I don’t think she would hurt them. She likes to chase them! Katie is good off leash and listens most of the time. She needs an active home with lots of activity.