Posted: September 2, 2017

Adoption open

Name: Delilah
Rescue: VACS
Gender: Female
DLH / Persian X
Age: 10 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Delilah...

Meet Delilah.. Again! Delilah is back up for adoption! This beautiful girl has been through so much and is now looking for a loving forever home. Delilah first came to us in August with severe matting along her back. When we took her to the vet to have her shaved, they found two large abscesses hiding under her tangled fur. She was recovering from her infections well and seemed to be in good health until we noticed a large lump under her jaw! Once again we took her to the vet, and were told that it might be lymphoma. If that was the case, then the cancer would most likely spread quickly, and we would be looking at palliative care. Luckily, after further testing (and lots of chin scratches and obsessive lump checking on our part) the results came back.. it was just an infection! On October 10th Delilah went in to the vet yet again to have her infected salivary gland removed. This darling lady is now recovering extremely well, has all of her bandages off, and is almost free of her stitches. She has a bit of a funky haircut but her fur is growing back in quickly, and, as you can tell, she is still extremely cute! Delilah is so sweet and would love a quiet home without any other four legged animals, where she can curl up next to you and keep you company. This Persian mix torti purrs as soon as you come near her, and rewards you for petting her with her hilarious croaky meow. This lady is technically a senior at 10 years old, but is doing very well for her age. She is starting to show some signs of kidney disease, but if managed has lots more years of love to give! If you are interest in meeting Delilah, please visit our website at

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