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Posted: January 9, 2018

Adoption pending

Name: Duchess
Rescue: Rosier Days Dog Rescue
Gender: Female
Maltese mix
Age: 3 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Adoption pending
Adoption fee:

About Duchess...

Duchess is a sweet, affectionate soul that would be grateful to find her forever home. She is playful and loves to run off the leash. She enjoys the company of other pups but mainly craves attention from her humans. This tells us she would do well in a home with a second dog, as long as there was multiple owners to balance the attention. Duchess is making progress on being housebroken. She knows the “sit” and “stay” commands, and is responsive to “yes”, “no” and “come on”. She still needs to continue working on jumping up/pawing for attention, or making a leap for food if left unattended. Duchess is to be treated with care and caution around people who are new to her, she seems to have fear towards newcomers and needs a chance to warm up and get to know them before she is approached, but does come around quickly. (We suggest kids over 12 years old) Duchess can also be sensitive to her backend being handled (sometimes when she is picked up, or her back paws are touched she will yelp or appear bothered by this). Due to these sensitive handling issues, we recommend that if matched with kids that they would be older so they were cautious of this need. If you're interested in adopting Duchess please complete an Adoption Application The application will be reviewed before a meet ‘n greet is arranged. Please be patient when waiting to hear back from us as the dogs care is priority and all of our volunteers work as well and run the rescue in their spare time. You should hear from us within 72 hours.

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