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Posted: June 27, 2017

Adoption open

Name: Sarah
Rescue: Loved at last Dog Rescue
Gender: Female
labrador mix
Age: 2 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Sarah...

I am a very gentle and slightly shy yellow lab/shepherd. If you look at my pictures, you will see a medium sized, short haired, gold and white female mixed breed girl with three legs and no ears. What you can not see is the months of pain and suffering that I have undergone due to the terrible cruelty inflicted on me by my abusers in Iran. Like many street dogs here, the police attempted to kill me by shooting at me during a mass extermination of street dogs. with my ears bleeding from being hacked off, screaming in pain from my bullet wounds, I deperately ran from scene straight into an oncoming vehicle. When the driver saw that I might get away he purposefully hit me as is common here. By the time all these people were done with me and I got to a clinic, the orthopedic vet said he had never seen a dog so badly broken. Slowly, after several long and difficult surgeries, I have been put back together. Although I have lost a rear leg and both my ears, I am otherwise healthy, if sad. I am now in a boarding facility in Iran as I would not survive for a minute on the streets. I am ever so kind and gentle and mean no harm to anyone. I love people more than anything because they have been kind to me during my long recovery. Once I get to know you and know you won't hurt me,, I will be your forever, faithful friend. I am also great with other dogs and would be happy to live with a canine friend who is friendly and gentle like me. I probably could live with a cat as it is hard to imagine I would hurt anything. I may not be physically perfect, but what is still perfect is my heart. My adoption fee includes my spay, my vaccinations, microchip and airfare from Iran.

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