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Posted: August 6, 2017

Adoption open

Name: Emma
Rescue: Dog Bless
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years old
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Adoption status: Open
Adoption fee:

About Emma...

Emma is a 2 year old hound/lab/bulldog?? Mix who is the most delightful girl. She is 100% housetrained, is non destructive and is absolutely wonderful left alone in the house. She is quite suitable for someone who works, although she will require a fair commitment to exercise. Emma does need to be an only dog. She has lived very successfully with others but is a resource guarder so would prefer to be someone’s princess. She adores the cat, ironically, and seeks her out at every opportunity. Emma's good qualities far outweigh her challenging qualities. She is a very sweet and loving girl. She absolutely adores people, including children, and is always thrilled to meet new people. Her main challenge in that respect is that she gets so excited she wants to jump up and shower old or new friends with kisses, so she is learning to respect people's personal space and boundaries, especially with children. She is, however, boisterous, and this will require some patience and training. She just loves her cuddles and belly rubs! She is also a very smart and trainable girl. She has learned several new commands since being in foster care, and catches on quickly. She is even making great strides with her recall, although is not fool proof yet so care needs to be taken with when and where she is off leash, and that training needs to be continued. She responds well to gentle but firm reprimands when necessary, but responds especially well to positive reinforcement and praise and/or treats. She is a people pleaser, who wants to do the right thing. While she can get excited and likes to run and play at times, she is also very calm, and more often than not just wants to nap and snooze in the sun or on her dog bed. She does not have any separation anxiety, and can be alone for long stretches at a time (i.e. a work day), though she does seem to really enjoy being around people, Whether she is alone or if your back is turned, she will opportunistically snatch food from counters or garbage cans, but she is improving on that front too. Emma's main challenge is her reactivity with other dogs. While she does have a couple of dog friends in her current neighbourhood, she is somewhat anxious and nervous with other dogs, and can react poorly when she feels this way. The dogs she likes best are calm, gentle dogs, and dogs she has the most trouble with are excitable dogs, even if they are very friendly. She walks fabulously on leash and is really an easy dog from that perspective. Emma would be best suited to someone with experience working with reactive dogs in a positive reinforcement way, as well as someone who has the time, energy, and patience to do that training. She is making improvements in that regard, although much work still needs to be done. Emma is fully vaccinated, spayed and is in good health. She really is a beautiful girl who will blossom in the right environment. Her reactivity is quite managable, she redirects very easily and she will be an easy project for someone who has the right home and skill set. Emma is so worth it. You would be hard pressed to find a more loving and faithful dog.

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